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 Alum Bay Coloured Sands
Geological folding of the Alpine orogeny, has caused the strata in the main section of the bay to become vertical, the older rocks are to the east. Oxidised iron compounds formed under different conditions have turned the sands into as many as 21 colours

 The Needles Lighthouse
The lighthouse has walls three feet thick at the base to withstand 20 foot waves, a light that can be seen 17 miles away and a powerful foghorn.
Building started on the lighthouse in July 1857 by Trinity House at a cost of £20,000 and became operational in 1859.The lighthouse was manned constantly until 1994 when the lighthouse became fully automated, the old glass lantern being replaced in 1993 with mains electricity laid from the Needles Old Battery

   Alum Bay Chair Lift
Built in 1971 the Needles and Alum Bay chairlift, is a very popular tourist attraction and goes from the top of the cliff to the beach where boats can take you out to view the Needles Lighthouse.


Skeleton Ridge - The Needles, a short climbing video


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